Turns out size does matter: Part 2.

wine ecardJason (the husband) and I went to the doctor yesterday for our weekly check up with the specialist, and I’m sad to say the rating of my cervix went down to a 2 (remember the bridge rating thing from the last post??).  It went from 1cm long to 6mm long and had started dilating.  Turns out the meds (or “chemical magic” as I like to call it) weren’t working like they thought they would. So, we decided to go ahead and get the cerclage (the tying like a drawstring thing).

They got us in for the surgery at 1pm.  So, what we thought was going to be a normal appointment turned into a day at the hospital.  I’ve got to say though, it was kind of nice being there.  The bed was comfy enough and it electronically reclined, cable TV, you got to eat while in bed, you push a little button and somebody comes right away to help you out if you need it, drugs administered right through the IV.  The only thing missing was Bastion laying by my side.  I haven’t talked about Bastion yet.  This is him:

10410996_10103210635073433_7853535170383576220_nHe’s my heart.  He can be the subject of another post though.

So, the hospital itself was nice, but it was still a hospital and I was still going to have surgery done, so it was still a little scary.  The worst parts were the needles.  The nurse was getting ready to put the needle in for the IV and before she even started cleaning the area, I started freaking out, squeezing Jason’s hands and laughing uncontrollably.  I call it “anticipation pain.”  But the worst of the worst was the shot in the back.  When it was time, Nurse Ashley walked me over to the O.R. where I sat on the table and hunched over so the anesthesiologist could give me my spinal.  Thank goodness for Nurse Ashely.  She let me sqeeze her hands during anticipation pain and real pain, and wiped my tears and snotty nose when I started freaking out a little.  So, with anesthesia in place, I lie down on the table and they stick my legs in these stirrup things.  My feet are basically in the air at this point.  It was a little awkward (ok, more than a little awkward) but I was too scared to care at that point.  So there I am, just lying there while everyone is getting ready to do their thing, and all I can think is “hmmm, I probably should’ve shaved or something.”  I remember Jason saying that with the spinal I wouldn’t be able to feel my legs at all, so when I realize I can move my feet a little, I start freaking out thinking I’ll be able to feel everything!  But, they started doing their thing and thankfully I only felt some tugging.  I only wish I had some headphones in or they had a TV on the ceiling.  That would have made the whole ordeal a little better. So, if anyone has to go through this, I suggest asking if you can take in some music and headphones.

Everything turned out good.  No complications and I was out of there by 7:30pm.  To be honest, I would have been OK with staying overnight (did I mention they had cable?) but I felt well enough to leave by around 7.  There was some real crappy pain during recovery, but it finally went away.

So after some structural repairs, I can now confidently rate my cervix a 6.  We’re still not totally in the clear (possible surgical complications, normal pregnancy risks, etc.), but at least a baby isn’t falling out anytime soon.


4 thoughts on “Turns out size does matter: Part 2.

  1. – Bwahahah. Shaving’s just a fashion thing, right? Since the 90s? ;D Ahahah, we’ll have to hear back from some ob/gyns – see if they appreciate it or if it doesn’t matter ;’D
    – Yay, Baby Groot can cook a little longer =}
    – Aww, sorry you had to go through all that! I can see you freaking out, too, but trying to keep it in as best you could.
    – I don’t remember any pain associated with getting the epidural but that may be because I was trying to go without, or at least until I hit 6cm dilation, so by then I probably didn’t even notice.


    • My friend said the same thing about the epidural, how she didn’t remember a lot of pain either, but she was going through contractions already, so she was ready for it! I went in with no pain, just anxiety :-/


  2. So I was going to say, it was kind of like you got a preview of some of the stuff you might go through at the actual birth day like a spinal block or the stirrups. But Mom said you’ll probably have a scheduled c-section a little earlier than your original due date, so maybe that’s good too. Does that make you feel more prepared or would you liked to have been surprised by an oncoming delivery? I guess I got to do both, but never got to push one out.


    • I don’t know why I’m just now seeing this comment…anyway, I always imagined a surprise delivery, but as long as me and baby are ok, I figure it doesn’t matter. I just imagine going into labor and calling jason but he misses this birth because he’s stuck in I-95 traffic!


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