What?? You live with your husband?! That’s crazy!!!

So, now a little on me and my sometimes annoyingly sweet yet incredibly supportive husband.  It’s our 6 month wedding anniversary today by the way.  Just look how happy we were…

Melissa and Jason_544_1DX_1980

4 1/2 years together, 6 months of marriage, and a baby on the way, and we still don’t live together.  Yup, you read that right.  We met back in 2000 at college, in a class that neither of us use today, which when you think about that, our paths truly just crossed for 1 semester (neither he nor I ended up becoming aerospace engineers.)  We were friends, but never hung out outside of class.  Fast forward 10 years later and some random guy is friending me on facebook.  He looks kind of familiar, and finally it hits me- “Oh!  It’s that guy from Intro to Aero that was in mine and Jeff’s group!  I wonder how he’s doing?”  So, I facebook stalk, checking out pictures, info, I notice he’s married and lives 2 hours from me.  No posts except the obligatory “Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!”  So, I send a message.  “What are you up to these days?!  I haven’t seen you in forever!”  No response.  Jerk.  Fast forward a few months.  I post a message on facebook asking if anyone was going to the WVU football game in a few weekends and guess who finally responds.  We decide to meet since we’re both in town.  We catch up at a bar for about 20 minutes, and I learn that he’s going through a divorce after asking how married life is treating him (woops, sorry for asking!), and I learn that he has season tickets to the football games.  Season tickets?!  I was lucky to make it back to one game a season!  So, he’s kind enough to invite me to a game (after I practically invite myself) and the rest is history.

I stayed in Richmond while he stayed in Northern Virginia and we only saw each other on the weekends.  And it’s the same situation to this very day.  He had trouble finding a job down here in Richmond, and we discussed me moving up there, until he realized the HUGE difference in cost of living!  So, we’re going to live in Richmond, but he’ll still work in Northern VA a couple of days a week.  When people ask about our living situation, I like to say that we’re just taking things slow.  We are working towards the American dream of owning a house together and shared finances, and we’re hoping it will happen before Baby Groot gets here.  And hopefully being all tied up down there, less of a chance Baby Groot comes early.  But life really hasn’t been that bad.  Jason still makes it down to all the baby appointments and we still see each other every weekend.  I get to watch what I want every night, keep stuff all over the bed without moving it to make room for him, I don’t have to worry about dinner for anyone else except myself.  It’s going to be a little weird when I look over on a Wednesday night and he’s sitting on my spot on the couch.

I discovered that our relationship actually has a name – “Commuter marriage.”  Is anyone else in one of these?  Thoughts?  Experiences??


2 thoughts on “What?? You live with your husband?! That’s crazy!!!

  1. We had a “long distance relationship” followed by a “commuter marriaged” until I had my son. We still have opposite schedules and most days see each other for a 5-10 minute hand off of the kids. We too are slowly working our way towards being together more than we are apart.


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