Baby Groot needs a name

First, let me start off by reiterating the fact that we are not finding out the sex of Baby Groot before he/she pops out.  We will still be ready and we will still have everything he/she needs.  And feel free to get him/her all the blue and gold you can find 🙂  Sometimes when we’re at the doctor’s and they’re doing an ultrasound, I think to myself “we could totally just find out right now!” but I always ultimately decide to wait.  My husband and I really have no strong convictions either way, we just thought it would be fun to not find out til the very end.  And the more I thought about it, the more I realized finding out the baby’s sex before it’s born is pretty much a spoiler. Sure, we’d still be surprised if we found out today, but it’s nothing like being surprised live.  It’d be like me telling you that Daryl dies in Season 6 of The Walking Dead.  You’re surprised, right?  But kinda pissed because you’d rather had found out while watching the show??  And I have no idea if Daryl actual dies.  I have heard people will riot if he does though.

(That’s a Doctor Who reference for those that don’t know)

We can still have a “Guess what gender the baby is party” as opposed to a “Gender Reveal” party.  No surprise reveal will happen, but you can come over and tell me what you think I’m having and eat and drink.  By the way, when did gender reveal parties become a thing??  I mean, I kind of don’t get it.

So, not knowing the sex of Baby Groot, we’ve been throwing around several boy and girl names and are having problems choosing, so I’d love your input!  The “cutesie” names are real popular right now and a little played out (the Aidens, the Braydens, the Cadens, the Paisleys) so we decided we wanted to go with more traditional sounding names.


  • Aulyve
  • Gesiqua
  • Meauxreighn
  • Sionah (pronounced “shaw-nah”)
  • Abygael
  • Phalysitee


  • Aulyvre
  • Henreigh
  • Macks
  • Stoowyrt
  • Fylip

What do you all think??


3 thoughts on “Baby Groot needs a name

    • Bahahhaa….

      Aulyve (“Olive”)
      Gesiqua (“Jessica”)
      Meauxreighn (“Maureen”)
      Sionah (pronounced “shaw-nah”)
      Abygael (“Abigail”)
      Phalysitee (“Felicity”)
      Aulyvre (“Oliver”)
      Henreigh (“Henry”)
      Macks (“Max”)
      Stoowyrt (“Stewart”)
      Fylip (“Phillip”)

      All traditional names! I think it’s pretty clear, lol


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