Updates and random pregnancy thoughts

I had trouble coming up with what to write about next, whether it be something about structural engineering and bridge design, or my utter dislike for “moms”, or my thoughts on feminism and gender equality, or the Walking Dead season finale or excitement for Game of Thrones season 5 premiere, or my totally awesome new steam cleaner.  I have lots of thoughts swimming around in my head on all these things, but I think I’ll make this more of an update on myself and the pregnancy, and talk about those other exciting topics at a later date.

So, first of all, Happy April Fools!  The hubs and I already have names picked out for the little one, but I thought it’d be funny to try to come up with the most ridiculous spellings for traditional names (my last post), since unconventional spellings of baby names seems to be the thing to do these days.  Maybe so much so that most of you thought I was serious! (or crazy.)  Although, I did get some love for Macks, so maybe we’ll throw that into the mix for round 2.

Update on the whole cervix issue:  Post-op, the specialist had told us that I should be able to go about normally, like any normal pregnant person, which made me think I could maybe go back to the gym, do top of deck bridge inspection work, have relations with my husband (gross, I know and I’m sorry, but I had to add it), but a week after the surgery, we met with our regular OB and she basically said “ummmm, no.”  Even though the fishing line is in place (the cerclage) my cervix is still short and I’m still at a higher risk for preterm delivery than a normal pregnancy.  Which puts a damper on things, but hasn’t been horrible.  This pregnancy really hasn’t been bad except for that whole short cervix thing.  I didn’t really get sick, I never really got very tired, I don’t miss alcohol that much (and especially not the hangovers.)  My worst pregnancy “symptom” right now is getting so full after a meal and just feeling all sorts of uncomfortable because of it.  When I drank, say, one liquor drink, my heart would beat so hard and crazy it gave me chest and upper back pains and made me short of breath.  I Googled it and I think it may be heart palpitations.  After another drink or 2, it would go away, (or I just wouldn’t feel it anymore?).  Anyway, I get the same exact feeling when I eat now and it’s awful.  And eating is like my favorite thing.

I’m feeling Baby Groot move around a lot these days.  Well, I get small bursts of activity, and then nothing for awhile.  So far, this baby reminds me of my dog, Bastion.  He’s the laziest dog ever, super content just laying around and sleeping.  He gets excited when I come home from work, but that’s about it.  I feel like this baby is the same way so far.  It didn’t even want to move for the technician when we got our last couple ultrasounds done.  We’ll see what happens once it hits the outside though.  Seeing a fetus move in a mother’s stomach has always seemed super creepy to me, and everytime I saw it (before now) I would think of this:

 but it’s kind of cool to see now with Baby Groot.  Pretty sure I’ll still freak out if I see an actual hand or foot poke out though.  That’s just weird!

I’m super excited to meet this baby, but I’m starting to get a little terrified at the same time.  Not necessarily because it’s a baby and we’re not going to know what to do or anything.  I feel like me and the hubs have enough baby experience from nieces and nephews and friends to at least know what we’re getting into and to not be scared of it.  We know how to hold and change a baby, and are prepared for lack of sleep and all that fun.  But, we’re in the process of trying to move, which is a little nerve-racking on its own, but with Baby Groot on the way and not knowing where we’re going to end up living, it’s hard to think about those things you’re supposed to be thinking about, like daycare and cribs and stuff like that.  I’m a planner (I’m not OCD or anything, but I like to know things ahead of time…helps me control my anxiety) and all this stuff is so up in the air, and then throw in the fact that you really just don’t know when the baby is actually going to come, it’s all very overwhelming!  It’ll all figure itself out though.  The baby will have a roof over its head and people that care for it, and that’s all that really matters for now.  But eventually mama is going to have to go back to work to pay for things to keep that baby alive!


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