For the love of juice and fruit pies…

So far, this pregnancy has been pretty easy, compared to some horror stories I’ve heard (I think I mentioned this in the last post).  I didn’t have morning sickness, no problems sleeping, no real pain.  I’m starting to have some heartburn/indegestion issues I think and my fingers and starting to swell to little breakfast sausages, but other than that, easy-peasy.  We had that hiccup with the cervix thing, but so far so good with that.  It does suck not being able to do certain stuff, like buy a big bad of dog food because it’s too heavy.  I posted on facebook the other night asking if any kind soul wanted to go out and get me a bag of dog food.  I didn’t realize till later that most people probably thought I was just being lazy, or maybe pregnant and entitled.  I won’t fault anyone for thinking I was just being lazy though.  Anyone that knows me knows that I almost have being lazy super power.

Anyway, we went in for our 28 week appointment a few days ago.  Everything appears good I guess.  I was concerned that I was feeling the baby enough, like, I had a lazy baby or something (like my dog…I believe I mentioned this in the last post as well).  So, she hooked me up to a monitor and baby was moving pretty good.  The doctor even said our baby was “awesome.”  I’ll take it.  Along with the regular check-up this time though, came the glucose test where they screen you for gestational diabetes.  For those that don’t know, it’s possibly a two-parter.  The first part, you go in, you drink a super sugary drink (similar to those barrel jug drinks actually, maybe even a little sweeter) and they draw your blood an hour later and test for sugar in your blood.  If there’s too much sugar, you have to come back and do the same thing, but you have to fast for 12hrs or so beforehand and then sit there for 3 hours, getting your blood drawn every hour.  Well, I failed the first test.  Failed it real good too.


I started writing this post the day before I took the 3 hour test and now it is 2 days later.  (Sidenote: my level of laziness and procrastination is exceptional.  I meant to finish this post 2 days ago.)

So, the 3 hr test was basically my worst nightmare come true.  Not only had I not eaten for 10 hours, but I still couldn’t eat while the test was being conducted, AND they poke you with needles every hour!  I looked like a heroin addict by the time it was over.  The only good part of the whole ordeal was that I made it halfway through The Walking Dead Vol. 2 comics.

I asked the girl administering the test how much the food you eat the day before affects the test.  She said for the 1 hour test, it probably would affect it, but the 3 hour test is more detailed and therefore shouldn’t affect it as much.  I was really afraid all the juice I’ve been drinking (omg, it’s like I can’t get enough fruit and juice in my body!) was what was doing this to me, but turns out it’s a mix of what you eat and just how your body deals with sugars in the blood.  That made me feel a little better I guess.  But when she told me how food may affect the 1 hour test, I thought to myself “I probably shouldn’t have had that Slurpee and Entenmann’s glazed apple hand pie the day before…”

I’m assuming that since I didn’t get the results yesterday, I won’t find out if I have the betes until Monday.  I hear that if you do have GB, they put you on a meal plan (I’m assuming that means no more juice :(:(:( )and if that doesn’t work, you get the insulin shots.  Good Lord, more shots.  Until then, ignorance is bliss.  I fully enjoyed my bowl of Fruity Pebbles this morning, thank you very much.


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