Fat babies and gender labeling

So, I’ve been checking my sugar levels for almost a week now and nothing makes sense.  I have the same breakfast 2 days in a row (whole grain cereal O’s, 1/2 banana, skim milk…healthy, right?!) and my sugar was almost 15 things (I’m not exactly sure what I’m measuring…let’s just say “units”) higher one day than it was the other!  It doesn’t seem to matter if I have a snack after my last testing of the day or what.  Sometimes that first test after eating gives the highest numbers and it falls the rest of the day from there, sometimes not.  For someone with somewhat of an analytic mind, it’s really very nerve-racking.  I’m thinking maybe after I gather a little more data, I’ll start graphing the numbers in Excel and see if I can come up with anything.  Although, a graph like that won’t take into consideration my actual diet, so not sure what good it will do, except just having a nice graph.  And who doesn’t like a graph??

The numbers are a little higher than I’d like, despite cutting out sugars and carbs and whatnot.  Crystal Light has helped with my juice cravings and I use those thin sandwich rounds for sandwiches.  I know exercise would help, but that’s hard to do when you’re not allowed to exercise!  It’s a vicious cycle really.

My mom told me I was going to have a fat baby when I told her I had the gestational diabetes.  My sister said my baby was probably already fat.  Geez people!  Give me a chance to keep my sugars down before we jump to any fat baby conclusions!  Although, I probably shouldn’t have had that bite of pie at my friends wedding over the weekend.  It was amazing.  In lieu of cake, they had pies!  Four different kinds!!  I told my husband that I was going to watch what I ate that night so I could have a couple bites of pie.  He looked at me with a concerned and disappointed look.  All I said next in all seriousness was “It’s for the bride and groom.”

OK, so now I’d like to talk briefly about a little pet peeve of mine.  I’ll be honest and say I really don’t know much about the modern feminist movement and I, like many others, have attached a stigma to the word “feminism.”  I am all for equal rights but don’t agree with man-bashing, which is what i sometimes equate feminism to.  I may be completely wrong and need to be educated, so feel free to comment and point me in the right direction if you feel so inclined.

Anyway, my gripe is with gender assigning objects.  When the hubbs and I started thinking about nursery ideas, the theme of outer space came up.  “That’s a great gender neutral theme!” I thought.  You know, stars, planets, aliens, maybe incorporate some Doctor Who… So when I went searching online for cute stuff for our future nursery, I was a bit surprised, and a little pissed, that EVERYTHING space related said “Space theme for boys.”  Ummm, really??  Space is now strictly a boy thing??  When did science get a gender?!  The stuff was super cute, and I’d buy it all anyway, but the labels are really super irritating.  Oh, but there was also “Space for girls” stuff.  Guess what it looked like… that’s right, pink and purple.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with liking pink or purple or blue or green.  But why label it??  It’s a color!!

OK.  End rant


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