Happy Mother’s Day!

While I’ve gotten several “Happy Mother’s Day”s today, I’m not a mother yet.  I don’t think I deserve the honor of such a day yet.  Sure, I’ve been carrying Baby Groot for 8ish months now, but all I’ve done for it is cut out sugar and cut back on carbs, got my cervix sewn shut, stopped going to the gym, and stayed away from raw meats and fish and unpasteurized cheese.  I haven’t given birth to Baby Groot, I haven’t held him/her yet, rocked him/her to sleep, changed a diaper, told him/her “no,” gave him/her a hug, drove it to school or practice, gave it money…  All the moms that have done any of that and more, those are the moms we should be celebrating today.

My own mom is pretty amazing.  Grew up in the Philippines with not much at all (I’ve got a do a post, or several, on some of the stories my mom and dad have told about growing up!), went to med school and moved to the states in 1970.  She was the the family doctor of a majority of our town growing up and all I’ve heard was how great a doctor she was and how people miss her.  That’s pretty cool I think.  And even though she was so busy being a doctor and all, she still managed to come to my softball games and tennis matches, and help out at school when needed.  She supported anything me and my sisters wanted to study in school and supported anywhere we wanted to study.  There were some rough times and there are still some things I look back on parenting-wise that I disagree with, but mom was and is a pretty great mom.

And then there’s Manang.  “Manang” is a filipino term for “older,” so, like, I would be “Manang Melissa” to someone a bit younger than me, like my little sister or younger cousins.  But our Manang just went by Manang, which is basically like saying she’s HMIC (head Manang in charge).  Manang came to the states with my parents to help take care of my older sisters while my parents were doing doctor things.  She learned english from watching daytime TV and took such good care of me and my sisters.  She didn’t give birth to us or anything, but she’s no less our mom than our actual mom.

I look forward to becoming a mom and celebrating my for real first mother’s day next year.  For now, Happy Mother’s day to all those amazingly awesome moms out there, the stay-at-homes, the working moms,  the breast feeders and the formula feeders, the “free range parents” and the helicopter moms – I hope you had a very happy mother’s day, whether I agree with your parenting philosophies or not 😛


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