Am I having a baby now?? Part 2.

So, the hubs and I went to the second half of our childbirth class last weekend.  I didn’t realize childbirth class had this stigma to it until I read a Scary Mommy (the blog site) article on a hypno-birthing childbrith class and all the comments were moms saying how they didn’t need childbirth class because they figured they’d just know what to do because women have been having babies for years, or that they didn’t need a class because they were just going to get drugs anyway, or they took a class but didn’t use anything they were taught, or they didn’t want to give the hospital anymore money.  Now, from what I understand, hypno-birthing does seem a little “hippie.”  Basically, you hypnotize yourself into not feeling much pain, I think??  And from what she said in the article, it sounded very “hippie.”  But the class we took I thought was great.  I’m one of those people that needs to know stuff ahead of time so I can try to prepare myself for what I need to do, or else anxiety takes over and I’m a nervous wreck.  I understand the whole process isn’t exactly predictable.  That’s not what I’m going for here.  I’m not a control freak or anything that needs everything a certain way, I just like knowing what I need to know ahead of time.  Like when I make phone calls at work about stuff I’m not exactly sure what I’m talking about (like soundwalls or a specific type of bearing).  I rehearse in my head a couple hundred times what I’m going to say before making the call, then I go about my business.  I don’t know what the person on the other end will say, but I can usually wing it from there.  Same thing with giving birth I think.  Yes, we did learn the breathing techniques and all that “hippie” stuff, but we also learned all the drugs you can take and what will be offered, we learned that we should call our doctor before we leave for the hospital so they know we’re there (who the heck would think of that?!), we learned when we should go to the hospital, we learned which entrance of the hospital to come in, we learned that you get moved to a second room once you deliver your baby, so you should pack two hospital bags (one for before the baby comes and one for after), we learned you should pre-register with the hospital….so much stuff we learned!  And I feel better about it now, sort of.


One thought on “Am I having a baby now?? Part 2.

  1. Who needs it! I didn’t do it so NO ONE ELSE needs to do it! The way I do it is perfect and the ONLY way ANYONE should do ANYTHING wah wah wah derpa derp derp (did the sarcasm come through?) Who lets dummies become moms anyway?


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