How to maternity without buying maternity

Now, maybe it’s just my sometimes stingy nature (or my “fear of commitment” as one co-worker put it) but I hate the idea of purchasing [most] maternity clothes.  It seems silly to me to buy stuff you’re only going to be able to wear for a certain amount of time.  That being said, I’ve come to embrace maternity pants and shorts.  I haven’t been able to figure out a way to still wear regular pants (unless you use one of those belly band things, which work), so they come in handy.  Around 20+ weeks I finally gave in and bought my first pair of maternity pants and it was as if this whole new world had opened up to me!  Comfortable pants!!  AND they can totally turn into comfortable yet stylish eating pants during the holidays.

So, now for the non-maternity part of this post. Here are a few items I have found work really well while pregnant!

1.  Items that were just a little too big in the first place…

20150607_234721 Now, this isn’t a revolutionary idea or anything.  I just remembered I had a pair of shorts that were always just a little bit big and grabbed a medium sized t-shirt (instead of my normal small) and tada!  9 months pregnant in an outfit I can wear 0 months pregnant.  Not the most flattering outfit in the world, but it works.

2.  Jersey material and babydoll/peasant style shirts

20150607_235050 Jersey material is the most amazingly comfortable material and works perfectly with a giant belly.  I love my jersey skirt when I’m not pregnant, but it’s just as comfortable when I am!  The shirt is pretty self-explanatory.  Some of my favorite shirts to wear to work are those loose fitting cotton blouses and they work perfectly over a pregnant belly.

3.  Body-con dress

20150607_235340 It’s funny, I would have never thought of buying or wearing a body-con dress not pregnant, just not my style and I’m a little self-conscious about all the clingyness.  But turns out it looks really cute on a prego!  And I am more likely to wear this dress after the pregnancy as well now.  Funny how pregnancy has seemed to have instilled body confidence 🙂

4.  Maxi dress

20150607_235640 It’s long.  It’s stretchy.  It’s perfect for a pregnant you.  I’m not sure how I’m going to wear it while not pregnant though.  Maxi dresses normally discriminate against the vertically challenge, but the material shortens slightly when trying to cover a basketball in your torso.

5.  T-shirt dress and belt

20150608_000009 Just a t-shirt dress would work, but it’s not very shapely.  While comfy, you’d probably just look like a walking circus tent.  Add a belt and viola!  Cute, comfy, shapely dress.

6.  Tube dress

2015-06-09 23.16.20  I’m only 8 months pregnant in this picture (I’m 9 months in all the others) but the idea should still work.  A tube dress (wait…is that what they’re even called?  The top is like a tube top so it kind of makes sense…), the ones that are elastic/stretchy at the top and a bit more flowy on the bottom.  I have several dresses like this that I’ve always worn in the summer a lot that have worked really well over the giant bump.

I was wearing babydoll style dresses early on, which looked cute, but as my belly got bigger, the dress got shorter and eventually it got too short for my modest self (unless I wore leggings or something underneath).

So there it is, my thrifty yet girly post.


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