Baby Groot is coming…eventually

So, it is slowly becoming more real that this baby is actually coming.  We will soon have a tiny, living, crying, breathing thing that we get to name, bring home with us, and keep alive.  So crazy!

Because of the diabetes, I’ve been getting ultrasounds done every week since 32 weeks or something ridiculous.  I don’t think this is normal procedure.  If the next pregnancy is all easy and stuff with no cervical problems and no betes and no ultrasounds every week, I’m probably going to worry because we’re NOT doing ultrasounds every week!  You can never win, right??  Well, yesterday was my 38 week appointment and my gagillionth ultrasound.  During the ultrasounds, they try to record the baby breathing, moving it’s hands/wrists, and they measure fluids around the baby.  Yesterday they couldn’t catch the baby breathing and so they wanted me to come back in the morning and try again.  This really didn’t worry me at all because I could feel little guy moving around and it had hiccups earlier in the day, but when I texted my husband that they didn’t see it breathing (he couldn’t make the appointment and was at work), he Googled it and assured me everything was fine 🙂  I thought that was sweet!  So, I went in this morning and right away the tech saw Groot’s diaphragm a-movin.  Go Groot!  Then the doctor starts throwing the word “inducing” around.  Apparently when you have gestational diabetes, they like you to deliver around 39 weeks, you know, big babies and all.  So, she mentions a couple dates which are NOT VERY FAR AWAY AT ALL!!! Once she mentioned dates, it all started becoming very real.  This baby was coming and nothing is stopping it!  I want to meet him/her right now AND want him/her to stay in there awhile longer while we prepare at the same time (cleaning and organizing a bit more, cleaning out the fridge and freezer for all the food I hear is about to come, organizing my desk at work better and wrapping up projects there and whatnot…btw, how does one know when to leave an away message on their work phone when you don’t even know exactly when the baby is coming??).  It’s weird.  But I suppose inducing will help relieve me of other fears I have had about going into labor.  I may have mentioned this before, but seriously, I have a fear I won’t know if I’m actually going into labor.  Was the a contraction?  Should I go to the hospital now??  Did my water break or was it just really hot outside and that’s why my undies are damp???  I mean, Baby Groot could decide to come before inducing, so who knows.

So, in less than 2 weeks the world will meet Baby Groot…


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