A Chronicle of our stay in the hospital

We checked into the hospital early Monday morning and checked out Saturday afternoon- a slightly longer stay than expected.  And here’s how it went…


The recovery room was significantly smaller than the L&D room.  But, there was a bench seat in front of the window that was basically the size of a twin bed, so J had somewhere to sleep.  And we didn’t have too many visitors, so size was never a huge issue.

Little guy and I were both pretty exhausted his first day of life.  We slept a lot.  I was still nauseous from surgery anesthetics (typical for me).  And it sucked too because as bad as I wanted my Jersey Mikes club supreme (something I had been craving for 9 months), I knew my stomach wouldn’t be able to handle it.  I had already gotten sick that morning after attempting to eat some fruit.  My first non-hospital meal was actually chicken nuggets and a cheeseburger from McDonalds.  A little anti-climatic for a first meal, but I enjoyed it.  A couple friends came to visit, as well as my parents.

Nurses were in our room every few hours to check our vitals and give me and baby antibiotics. (and me pain killers!)  His little baby IV was actually kind of cute.  What wasn’t cute was watching them poke his foot to check his sugars.  It looked so painful, but he never flinched.  That’s my boy 😉

I had decided to at least attempt to nurse my baby, so a lactation consultant came in at some point during the day to help out.  I remember her basically smashing his face into my boob at one point while he was crying and she said “I’m sorry, I know it looks like I’m being rough on him and I know it’s especially hard for a new mom to see!” and I just remember thinking “ummm, you’re the one that knows what you’re doing, do what you gotta do.”

Later in the day I finally managed to get out of bed.  It was tough and a little scary, but I did it.  The nurse helped me out and helped me to the bathroom.  That first pee was basically like that scene in Austin Powers where Austin peed for the first time after thawing.

As far as nighttime went, if I remember correctly, baby stayed in the nursery most of the night.  It was still hard for me to get around, so they just wheeled little guy in when it was time to eat.  The nurses encourage the baby to sleep in the room with mom and dad, but say it is perfectly OK to put them in the nursery so mom and dad can sleep.  We chose sleep.


These 2 days were basically the same.  Although, on Day 2 I FINALLY got my Jersey Mike’s club supreme! (Mike’s Way, of course.)  I finally got a shower, walked around the lobby a little.  Watched A LOT of Law and Order SVU.  J got us Sugar Shack donuts.  I ate some cake.  (BTW, they checked my sugar a couple times with normal results, so it was assumed the betes had left the building.)  Cuddled with baby.  Family came to visit.  It was a good couple days.

One night we had baby in the room with us.  We were both asleep when baby started crying.  And there was J, right next to him, snoring away.  It was frustrating because it was still hard for me to get out of bed and lift him up.  I tried throwing stuff at J with no results, so I managed to get out of bed and take care of it myself.  Little did I know that most nights would be like this.


The day we went home.  This day was definitely bittersweet for me.  Yes, I was ready to go home (J more so than me I think…probably so he could sleep in a real bed) but I was going to miss having all these nice, thoughtful nurses taking care of us.  It’s hard to explain.  I wasn’t necessarily scared of taking care of a newborn on my own, I think I was more scared of being alone with a newborn on my own.

I slept as much as I could that morning.  I believe they cut his frenulum that morning.  It’s that piece of skin that attaches your tongue to your mouth and his went almost to the very tip of his tongue.  I was having a little trouble with the nursing and they thought this might be a reason why, so they cut it.  My mom said this is pretty common.  She said back in the day she would just cut it with her finger.  (Did I mention my mom is a retired pediatrician?  If not, that would sound a little weird I think.  Well, she was a pediatrician.)

It was July 4th.  We cleared the baby cart of all it’s supplies (as every parent has instructed us we should do).  I felt a little bad about it, but then the nurse asked us if there was anything we wanted extra of to take home with us.  I asked for more of those fabulous disposable mesh underwears.  And some other things.  She said they used to make you a take home bag, but stopped doing that some time ago for some reason.  I nursed baby one more time and we got ready to go.  The nurse wheeled me and baby out while J wheeled all our stuff out on a cart.  The ride home wasn’t as surreal as a lot of people had made it out to be.  He looked so tiny in his carrier.  He cried a lot, but finally quieted down.  We made it home, safe and sound.  My family was still there, which was nice.  I really liked having company around and wasn’t ready to be alone yet.  I still missed those nurses though.  I’m sure baby did too.

And now began the real journey…


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