Ready for round number 2…

Hey everyone!  I know I’ve been gone for quite awhile, and I’m sure everyone has missed my updates on Baby Groot.  Well, I’m here to say that Groot is doing GREAT!  He’s toddling now, loves to dance, talk (in his own language of course), eat, and sleep…and he’s going to be a big brother!  That’s right, J and I are expecting Baby #2 (whom we are affectionately calling “Drogon”) in February.  Honestly, I was hoping for a Drogon due date in January to ensure that I would be able to play volleyball this spring, but what can you do.

Before I get into any specifics on how round #2 is going, let me fill you in a little more on Baby Groot’s adventures.  Here are some pics:


Here is Baby Groot when he was learning how to army crawl.  He could only really go backwards at the time.  I left him in the living room while I went to the kitchen for a second, and when I got back, he was crying because he had almost completely scooted under the couch.  I did my parental duty and took a picture before I rescued him, of course.


This is us at Awesome-Con back in May with Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman)!  Baby Groot is the TARDIS.  Very proud nerd-mom moment.


Family vacation to Cape Cod, here we are on Nantucket in front of a windmill.

Needless to say, I love that kid more than I could have ever imagined loving another human being!  (Even if he runs away from me when I pick him up from daycare or tries to hold onto daddy a little longer when daddy is trying to give him to me 😦 )The older he gets, the more personality he gets, and the cooler he gets.  But the older he gets, the more I want to smack him a little sometimes.  I mean, really?  If you didn’t want the sippy cup or the food, you could simply leave it on the tray and not eat instead of throw it everywhere.  Or, instead of screaming as loud as you can at the restaurant to show your excitement for food, maybe clap and smile or something.  (I actually love when he screams in excitement, but it can get a little embarrassing depending on where we are out in public.)

He’s in a throwing phase right now, which me and J are trying to figure out a way to hone in this skill to something cool, like maybe “Baby that can throw a spiral 50 yards.” (Stay tuned for a viral video.)

He currently loves Gilmore Girls and Law and Order: SVU.  Well, he loves the beginning credits.  Anytime either of those beginning credits and song comes on the TV, he’ll stop whatever it is he’s doing and just stare until it’s over.  It’s kind of amazing really because neither of us taught him to love those songs or anything.

He seems to be doing well in daycare still (he started a new one in June) and we’re just in awe of how much the little guy is growing.

So, now a little about Baby Drogon.  He/she is about 18 weeks along.  So far so good.  I had a prophylactic cerclage (you remember, the structural cervical support I needed done with Baby Groot…funny name though, right??) put in a couple weeks ago.  Nothing was wrong this time, it was a JIC thing.  Actually, when we first talked to the specialist this time, I had decided to wait and see and not just get the thing put in.  I mean, why do something that involves a GIANT needle in your spine if you don’t NEED to??  But then we talked to the OB and she was all “weeellllllll, I’m not telling you what to do, buuuuuut, there’s a chance if you do the ‘wait and see’ approach, if something does happen, it might be too late to do the rescue cerclage” as in, the baby might already be trying to drop out and you can’t just push that sucker back in.  So, I decided to suck it up and just do it.

It’s weird, I knew exactly what to expect this time, which I’m not sure if that made it better or worse.  I cried like a baby again both times they tried to put the IV in my arm (my blood vessels were basically like “no.” the first time), and of course again when they did the spinal block.  God bless the sweet nurses that were trying to calm me down, but when they kept asking me about my dog and talked about their’s while the anesthesiologist was cleaning my back and getting ready to stab me, all I could think was “please stop talking and let me suffer in silence.”

I asked if I could take headphones in this time and they said I could, or they could play music over speakers in  the OR.  So, I asked them to play the Ben Folds Pandora station.  I’m glad they did that because I think it calmed me a little.  Also, it was pretty freaking awesome when it played Still from supersunnyspeedgraphic and at the end of the song, we got over a minute of Ben just singing “’cause bitches can’t hang with the streets.”

So, everything went well and since my cervix was OK this time and not about to disappear, they said I’m allowed to lift things and run and whatever other fun things active people like to do.  Awesome because I don’t have to worry about carrying Baby Groot or bags of dog food, but now I can’t use it as an excuse to make J do everything 🙂

Our next appointment is next week for our 20 week scan, the “big deal” scan from what I understand.  We’ll make sure he’s got all his limbs and organs and things.  And I think we’re going to find out the gender this time, which is exciting.  I LOVED not knowing Baby Groot’s gender, but for preparedness this time, I think we’re going to find out.

Stay tuned…


Pregnancy update and cerclage removal

So, I woke up this morning slightly terrified.  Today was the day they were removing the cerclage.  Before i get into that though, let me update on a few other little pregnancy things…

About 2 weeks ago (35ish weeks along) it was as if I all of a sudden became pregnant.  I started  to have to pee more frequently, I started to gain a pound or 2 (there was a month there where I actually lost a pound), my feet swelled up like marshmallows (it was gross and like memory foam – if you pushed on the skin, it would just stay indented for a minute or so), my leg started to give out on my randomly while walking (doctor said it was maybe sciatica, but I didn’t have any sharp pains), I basically had (and still don’t have) no grip in my right or left hands due to carpal tunnel or something.  It was weird, but still not horrible.  But then last week, after updating my endocrinologist on my blood sugar levels, and letting her know my OB’s concerns with my fasting levels, she decided to put me on insulin.  Have I mentioned how much I hate needles???  The first night I had to take it, my husband was here and so I made him give me my first injection.  It took a good 20 minutes before I would even let him near me!  I leaned against my bed grabbing a hunk of skin and fat while he knelt down in front of me and would ask “are you ready?” to which I would reply “NO!  Give me a second!!!” and I would deep breathe for a minute and defensively ask why his hand with the needle was getting closer to my stomach.  The doc said shots only in the stomach, which sucks.  It’s supposed to be injected into your fat, and I by no means am saying I’m not fat, but the fat gets thinned out a bit when you’re stomach is the size of a small watermelon.  So, relaxing enough to grab some nice flabby skin and fat get kind of hard.  I’ve since been able to stab myself though (once at night and once in the morning) with only about 5 minutes of deep breathing before the injection.  Just a few more weeks and no more needles but ALL the cake, cookies, pie, and pasta.

So, back to the cerclage.  We go to the office for our appointment.  First the ultrasound (when you have gestational diabetes, you apparently have to get ultrasounds every week to make sure you don’t have a giant baby, or something like that).  Little guy (and I mean “guy” in that non-gender kind of way) is measuring at 6lbs 2ozs, give or take a pound.  I think that’s how much I weighed when I was born!  Then we meet with the doc.  Turns out general anesthesia is unneeded for cerclage removal 😦  At least my husband was in the room this time, unlike when I had it put in.  Being able to hold/cut off all circulation in his hand during the ordeal really helped a lot.  Because it hurt.  A lot.  I read on one of those baby message boards other womens’ experiences with getting them removed.  Some said it was painful.  Some said they just felt some tugging but wasn’t particularly painful (bitches), most said they didn’t deliver till 39 or 40+ weeks, and one lady said that an hour or so after hers was removed, she was fully dilated.  Ummmm, wha?!?!  Luckily, that hasn’t happened.  I’m currently sitting at my desk at work, baby still where he/she should be.  But afterwords, as I was laying on the table trying to relax and recover, I look at my husband and say “I don’t think I can have this baby.”  Seriously.  That was bad and all that happened was a string was removed from my hoo-ha.  I guess an epidural is in my future.

So, now it’s kind of weird knowing the reinforcement it out.  In my mind, it’s like nothing is holding the baby in anymore and he/she can come at any time now!  But I suppose the reality is that my cervix got a little stronger with the cerclage in place so it should be ok.  Basically they removed the reinforcing steel, but there’s still unreinforced concrete there.  Which is good because  I’d rather have Baby Groot cook just a little longer while we finish preparing for him/her (and so we can watch Jurassic World in the theaters this weekend still.)

Baby Groot needs a name

First, let me start off by reiterating the fact that we are not finding out the sex of Baby Groot before he/she pops out.  We will still be ready and we will still have everything he/she needs.  And feel free to get him/her all the blue and gold you can find 🙂  Sometimes when we’re at the doctor’s and they’re doing an ultrasound, I think to myself “we could totally just find out right now!” but I always ultimately decide to wait.  My husband and I really have no strong convictions either way, we just thought it would be fun to not find out til the very end.  And the more I thought about it, the more I realized finding out the baby’s sex before it’s born is pretty much a spoiler. Sure, we’d still be surprised if we found out today, but it’s nothing like being surprised live.  It’d be like me telling you that Daryl dies in Season 6 of The Walking Dead.  You’re surprised, right?  But kinda pissed because you’d rather had found out while watching the show??  And I have no idea if Daryl actual dies.  I have heard people will riot if he does though.

(That’s a Doctor Who reference for those that don’t know)

We can still have a “Guess what gender the baby is party” as opposed to a “Gender Reveal” party.  No surprise reveal will happen, but you can come over and tell me what you think I’m having and eat and drink.  By the way, when did gender reveal parties become a thing??  I mean, I kind of don’t get it.

So, not knowing the sex of Baby Groot, we’ve been throwing around several boy and girl names and are having problems choosing, so I’d love your input!  The “cutesie” names are real popular right now and a little played out (the Aidens, the Braydens, the Cadens, the Paisleys) so we decided we wanted to go with more traditional sounding names.


  • Aulyve
  • Gesiqua
  • Meauxreighn
  • Sionah (pronounced “shaw-nah”)
  • Abygael
  • Phalysitee


  • Aulyvre
  • Henreigh
  • Macks
  • Stoowyrt
  • Fylip

What do you all think??

Turns out size does matter.

2 1/2 weeks ago my hubby and I went in for our 20 week appointment.  I’ve always had the outlook on life to “never expect too much and you’ll never be disappointed.”  It’s worked so far, gotten me through some rotten situations, and I’m OK with my philosophy.  So, I sort of go into my appointments thinking the same thing.  Of course I hope for the healthiest baby possible, but I’m afraid sometimes that I’ll jinx it if I think too positively.  Kind of like when I thought maybe I was pregnant (we had been trying) but it was too early to test and I didn’t want to jinx it, so I got smashed at my friends wedding like it was just another Saturday.  Or  like assuming the WV Mountaineers are going to win a game (football or basketball).  You never assume.

Anyway, before the appointment I was so worried there would be something wrong, like the baby (the hubby and I have decided to call the fetus “Baby Groot”, so I’ll refer to it as that from now on) would be missing part of its brain or a limb or something.  It’s amazing how involved you can be with something, but be so helpless at the same time.  Well, thank the good Lord, Baby Groot had all its parts and looked pretty normal as far as they could tell.  (Sidenote: in case you’re wondering, we haven’t and are not going to find out the sex, which we’ve gotten a lot of comments about, for and against, so possibly the subject of another post.)  Well, all this time I was worried there was something wrong with Baby Groot, turns out there was something wrong with me, sort of.  It was discovered that I have a short cervix, which basically means that I’m susceptible to pre-term delivery, as in, possibly deliver any day now, which obviously would not be the best thing in the world.  Normal or average cervix length is 2.5-4cm and we’re at a whopping 1cm.  Right now my cervix is just short, but it can become insufficient, which is when the pre-term delivery thing could happen.  Basically, it can become weak and start dilating.  I’m on meds to help keep it strong and rigid, but if the meds didn’t work or start to not work, they would perform a cerclage, which is a surgery where they basically tie the thing shut like a drawstring.  A structural support if you will.  Sounds fun, right??  Well, while the doc is explaining this whole ordeal to us, using words like “structurally insufficient” and “rigid” and “supports,” I realize these are words we use when evaluating and rating bridges, and I think to myself “I wonder what my cervix would be rated?”  Basically, bridge elements are rated by a number system where a 9 might be if God Himself created a flawless bridge and it was evaluated before any vehicles or human traveled over it, while a 0 would be a structure that a mouse wouldn’t want to cross for fear of collapse.  If I had to rate myself, I would probably rate my cervix a 4.  No imminent danger, but it still needs to be closely monitored.

So, now I sit and play the waiting game from week to week (literally sit….I’m supposed to stay pretty sedentary during this) and hope that that cramp I’m feeling in my belly is that burrito I ate earlier and not Baby Groot trying to make his/her way out.

I’m going to be responsible for another life?!

First blog post ever…how exciting!  So, I guess this is where I should get everyone up to speed with where I am right now in this adventure called pregnancy.  I am currently 22ish weeks along.  By the way, this whole week and month thing…I kind of hate when people ask how far along I am.  I have no idea what month I’m in (too used to thinking in terms of weeks now) and I’m really not sure which day a new week starts.  So it’s always a guess.  Or my non-committal nature.  Not sure which.

My wonderful and supportive husband (who is also an engineer by the way, but the computer kind) and I are very excited about bringing this living thing into the world.  It’s something I’ve always wanted and can’t believe it’s finally going to happen!  And the more I read about how crazy kids can be, the more I can’t wait to have one because I can’t wait to mold a mini-me!  But then sometimes I think, “OMG. We’re bringing a living thing into this world.”  And we’re responsible for it, as in, we have to be able to keep this helpless being alive.  Forget designing a 10 span continuous curved steel girder bridge with vertical and horizontal constraints, or debugging 10,000 lines of code.  I believe we’re going to have an even more daunting task ahead of us.  I mean, I sometimes think it’s a miracle that I’ve survived this long in the world.  I still sniff clothes to see if they’re clean and only do laundry when there is absolutely nothing left to wear and no floor to be seen, I sometimes forget to pay bills, not because I don’t have the money, but just because I forget, I still call my mom when I’m sick (she’s a doctor though, so you can’t fault me too much for that one), I call my little sister when I can’t decide what to have for lunch, binge watching Netflix is my favorite activity, I secretly wish the Doctor (Doctor Who) would greet me one night with the TARDIS and ask me to be his next companion…  The girl that does all those things, she’s going to be a mom soon.