Turns out the second is a little different than the first…

So, we’re in the home stretch with Baby Drogon and this is my second blog post.  Woops!  It’s not that I love you any less my little fetus, it’s that I have your older toddler brother to take care of while incubating you.  In case you’re wondering what we’re having, please enjoy this short video.  It’s a…

So yeah, things are slightly different after the first.  I was never super crazy about my pregnancy diet (generally stayed away from raw meats and binge drinking) and didn’t really flip out over every little thing my body was doing at the time the first time around.  But I guess I’m even more laid back this time.  “Were those contractions the other night?  Or did I just have to poop??”  “One slice of cold pepperoni isn’t going to kill the baby, right?”  “They’re allowed to do it in Europe!”  (This last one has basically been my motto this pregnancy.)  I obviously blogged more before and took baby bump pictures almost every week.  This, as I have already stated, is my second blog post and I’ve taken 1 baby bump picture this entire time.  Regardless of all that, we are super excited to be welcoming Baby Drogon into our little family.

Quick update on our unique family.  My husband finally, actually lives with us!  Crazy, I know!  We bought the cutest freaking house last March and shortly after moving in, J found a job here in Richmond, and there you have it.  A nuclear family was born.  And as weird as it is to live with your husband and baby daddy, it has been very helpful.  I LOVE our new house, but it’s only 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths, so we will outgrow it eventually if we have more children (I’ve wanted 5 at one time!) and I refuse to live in a house with teenagers and only 1 full bathroom.  Hopefully once it’s time to leave though, we’ll at least be able to stay in our neighborhood.

So, back to the pregnancy.  With Baby Groot, I had a feeling he was pretty content in mommy’s belly, and turns out I was right.  Not even the pitocin could get that guy out of there.  I feel like Baby Drogon is all sorts of ready to meet the world and he may kick his way out if he has to.  This baby does not leave me alone!  It’s also been a whole lot harder to get around.  Everything feels so achy.  I’ve got some weird joint issues.  I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason.  Also, turns out I got the betus again.  Huge bummer.  Found out I had it before Christmas.  Talk about bad timing.  My brother-in-law’s uncle brought the most amazing chocolate chip cookies to Christmas dinner.  They were huge and perfect.  I allowed myself half a cookie.  And a half piece of pie.  And a little bit a cake.  And maybe the rest of the cookie later that night.  And my sugars that night were still under what my limit is supposed to be!  Take that betes!  Even with all that, I’ve also pretty much gained no weight in the last 4 weeks (I lost 2 lbs over Christmas and gained it back I think) so that’s kind of cool.  I told my co-workers that are currently in a weight loss challenge that the joyless way to lose weight was to cut out carbs and sweets.  Seems to work.

I took the test to see if I had GD (gestational diabetes) right before the weekend of our company holiday party and a friend’s birthday celebration.  I had this grand plan about how I was going to basically eat no carbs or sugars the whole week before the test, then indulge all weekend because I knew I wouldn’t get the results back till the following week.  I told J my plan and he responds with “the point isn’t to try to pass the test, it’s to regulate it if you have it.”  Ugh, boys.  What do they know.

So now, I have to take insulin again.  And this time instead of using the handy-dandy insulin pen (it’s this pen looking thing that is already full of insulin, and you just turn a dial to dispense how much you need, and you just replace the little needle tip after each use), I am using a vial and syringes because for some reason, insurance wouldn’t cover the pen this go round.  And for someone with needle anxiety, it’s really a whole production which makes the process that much more agonizing.  I had J give me my first injection again.  It took about 30-40min, mainly of me saying stuff like “OK, I’m ready…WAIT!  NO I’M NOT!” or “OK…Wait!  I didn’t mean ‘OK’ as in ‘Im ready,’ I meant ‘OK, I’m getting ready'” or “why is your hand getting close to me?  I didn’t say I was ready.”  I eventually figured out how to do it myself because turns out it’s even worse when I try to get someone else to do it on my command.


As far as the cerclage goes, seems like that has been all fine.  I should be getting it taken out soon.  I have this weird fear that the baby is just going to fall out as soon as the doc removes it though.  Hope that doesn’t happen.  I thought we were done with the high risk guys after the cerclage was put in, but turns out I had something called marginal cord insertion, so they wanted to keep seeing me to monitor it.  Basically, the cord is attached to the side of the placenta instead of the middle, like normal.  Sounds like not a big deal, but I guess one of the complications that could happen is the baby might not be getting all the nutrients it could be getting, or something.  But so far, so good.  Just another weirdo thing to add to our Adventures in Pregnancy.

Now, because of the GD, I have to see the high risk guys as well as my OB every week and have an ultrasound and stress monitoring with the high risk guys.  Which really isn’t all that bad because the stress monitoring is pretty much 20 minutes of relaxing “me time.”  One of the high risk doctors also told me that because of the GD, we may deliver at 39 weeks instead of 40.

So, I feel like we’re still a little unprepared for this new baby.  The house is kind of a mess still, none of the baby’s stuff has been put away and organized, but he does have a place to sleep and some diapers, so at least we have that going for us.  My parents are supposed to come down to help once baby is born, but they’ll be out of the country right up till the due date and who knows when this baby will actually come, and what the heck are we going to do with Baby Groot while we’re in the hospital??  Well, he is pretty independent and the dog is pretty responsible, so maybe they can just take care of each other for the time being…


Baby Groot is coming…eventually

So, it is slowly becoming more real that this baby is actually coming.  We will soon have a tiny, living, crying, breathing thing that we get to name, bring home with us, and keep alive.  So crazy!

Because of the diabetes, I’ve been getting ultrasounds done every week since 32 weeks or something ridiculous.  I don’t think this is normal procedure.  If the next pregnancy is all easy and stuff with no cervical problems and no betes and no ultrasounds every week, I’m probably going to worry because we’re NOT doing ultrasounds every week!  You can never win, right??  Well, yesterday was my 38 week appointment and my gagillionth ultrasound.  During the ultrasounds, they try to record the baby breathing, moving it’s hands/wrists, and they measure fluids around the baby.  Yesterday they couldn’t catch the baby breathing and so they wanted me to come back in the morning and try again.  This really didn’t worry me at all because I could feel little guy moving around and it had hiccups earlier in the day, but when I texted my husband that they didn’t see it breathing (he couldn’t make the appointment and was at work), he Googled it and assured me everything was fine 🙂  I thought that was sweet!  So, I went in this morning and right away the tech saw Groot’s diaphragm a-movin.  Go Groot!  Then the doctor starts throwing the word “inducing” around.  Apparently when you have gestational diabetes, they like you to deliver around 39 weeks, you know, big babies and all.  So, she mentions a couple dates which are NOT VERY FAR AWAY AT ALL!!! Once she mentioned dates, it all started becoming very real.  This baby was coming and nothing is stopping it!  I want to meet him/her right now AND want him/her to stay in there awhile longer while we prepare at the same time (cleaning and organizing a bit more, cleaning out the fridge and freezer for all the food I hear is about to come, organizing my desk at work better and wrapping up projects there and whatnot…btw, how does one know when to leave an away message on their work phone when you don’t even know exactly when the baby is coming??).  It’s weird.  But I suppose inducing will help relieve me of other fears I have had about going into labor.  I may have mentioned this before, but seriously, I have a fear I won’t know if I’m actually going into labor.  Was the a contraction?  Should I go to the hospital now??  Did my water break or was it just really hot outside and that’s why my undies are damp???  I mean, Baby Groot could decide to come before inducing, so who knows.

So, in less than 2 weeks the world will meet Baby Groot…

Pregnancy update and cerclage removal

So, I woke up this morning slightly terrified.  Today was the day they were removing the cerclage.  Before i get into that though, let me update on a few other little pregnancy things…

About 2 weeks ago (35ish weeks along) it was as if I all of a sudden became pregnant.  I started  to have to pee more frequently, I started to gain a pound or 2 (there was a month there where I actually lost a pound), my feet swelled up like marshmallows (it was gross and like memory foam – if you pushed on the skin, it would just stay indented for a minute or so), my leg started to give out on my randomly while walking (doctor said it was maybe sciatica, but I didn’t have any sharp pains), I basically had (and still don’t have) no grip in my right or left hands due to carpal tunnel or something.  It was weird, but still not horrible.  But then last week, after updating my endocrinologist on my blood sugar levels, and letting her know my OB’s concerns with my fasting levels, she decided to put me on insulin.  Have I mentioned how much I hate needles???  The first night I had to take it, my husband was here and so I made him give me my first injection.  It took a good 20 minutes before I would even let him near me!  I leaned against my bed grabbing a hunk of skin and fat while he knelt down in front of me and would ask “are you ready?” to which I would reply “NO!  Give me a second!!!” and I would deep breathe for a minute and defensively ask why his hand with the needle was getting closer to my stomach.  The doc said shots only in the stomach, which sucks.  It’s supposed to be injected into your fat, and I by no means am saying I’m not fat, but the fat gets thinned out a bit when you’re stomach is the size of a small watermelon.  So, relaxing enough to grab some nice flabby skin and fat get kind of hard.  I’ve since been able to stab myself though (once at night and once in the morning) with only about 5 minutes of deep breathing before the injection.  Just a few more weeks and no more needles but ALL the cake, cookies, pie, and pasta.

So, back to the cerclage.  We go to the office for our appointment.  First the ultrasound (when you have gestational diabetes, you apparently have to get ultrasounds every week to make sure you don’t have a giant baby, or something like that).  Little guy (and I mean “guy” in that non-gender kind of way) is measuring at 6lbs 2ozs, give or take a pound.  I think that’s how much I weighed when I was born!  Then we meet with the doc.  Turns out general anesthesia is unneeded for cerclage removal 😦  At least my husband was in the room this time, unlike when I had it put in.  Being able to hold/cut off all circulation in his hand during the ordeal really helped a lot.  Because it hurt.  A lot.  I read on one of those baby message boards other womens’ experiences with getting them removed.  Some said it was painful.  Some said they just felt some tugging but wasn’t particularly painful (bitches), most said they didn’t deliver till 39 or 40+ weeks, and one lady said that an hour or so after hers was removed, she was fully dilated.  Ummmm, wha?!?!  Luckily, that hasn’t happened.  I’m currently sitting at my desk at work, baby still where he/she should be.  But afterwords, as I was laying on the table trying to relax and recover, I look at my husband and say “I don’t think I can have this baby.”  Seriously.  That was bad and all that happened was a string was removed from my hoo-ha.  I guess an epidural is in my future.

So, now it’s kind of weird knowing the reinforcement it out.  In my mind, it’s like nothing is holding the baby in anymore and he/she can come at any time now!  But I suppose the reality is that my cervix got a little stronger with the cerclage in place so it should be ok.  Basically they removed the reinforcing steel, but there’s still unreinforced concrete there.  Which is good because  I’d rather have Baby Groot cook just a little longer while we finish preparing for him/her (and so we can watch Jurassic World in the theaters this weekend still.)

Fat babies and gender labeling

So, I’ve been checking my sugar levels for almost a week now and nothing makes sense.  I have the same breakfast 2 days in a row (whole grain cereal O’s, 1/2 banana, skim milk…healthy, right?!) and my sugar was almost 15 things (I’m not exactly sure what I’m measuring…let’s just say “units”) higher one day than it was the other!  It doesn’t seem to matter if I have a snack after my last testing of the day or what.  Sometimes that first test after eating gives the highest numbers and it falls the rest of the day from there, sometimes not.  For someone with somewhat of an analytic mind, it’s really very nerve-racking.  I’m thinking maybe after I gather a little more data, I’ll start graphing the numbers in Excel and see if I can come up with anything.  Although, a graph like that won’t take into consideration my actual diet, so not sure what good it will do, except just having a nice graph.  And who doesn’t like a graph??

The numbers are a little higher than I’d like, despite cutting out sugars and carbs and whatnot.  Crystal Light has helped with my juice cravings and I use those thin sandwich rounds for sandwiches.  I know exercise would help, but that’s hard to do when you’re not allowed to exercise!  It’s a vicious cycle really.

My mom told me I was going to have a fat baby when I told her I had the gestational diabetes.  My sister said my baby was probably already fat.  Geez people!  Give me a chance to keep my sugars down before we jump to any fat baby conclusions!  Although, I probably shouldn’t have had that bite of pie at my friends wedding over the weekend.  It was amazing.  In lieu of cake, they had pies!  Four different kinds!!  I told my husband that I was going to watch what I ate that night so I could have a couple bites of pie.  He looked at me with a concerned and disappointed look.  All I said next in all seriousness was “It’s for the bride and groom.”

OK, so now I’d like to talk briefly about a little pet peeve of mine.  I’ll be honest and say I really don’t know much about the modern feminist movement and I, like many others, have attached a stigma to the word “feminism.”  I am all for equal rights but don’t agree with man-bashing, which is what i sometimes equate feminism to.  I may be completely wrong and need to be educated, so feel free to comment and point me in the right direction if you feel so inclined.

Anyway, my gripe is with gender assigning objects.  When the hubbs and I started thinking about nursery ideas, the theme of outer space came up.  “That’s a great gender neutral theme!” I thought.  You know, stars, planets, aliens, maybe incorporate some Doctor Who… So when I went searching online for cute stuff for our future nursery, I was a bit surprised, and a little pissed, that EVERYTHING space related said “Space theme for boys.”  Ummm, really??  Space is now strictly a boy thing??  When did science get a gender?!  The stuff was super cute, and I’d buy it all anyway, but the labels are really super irritating.  Oh, but there was also “Space for girls” stuff.  Guess what it looked like… that’s right, pink and purple.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with liking pink or purple or blue or green.  But why label it??  It’s a color!!

OK.  End rant

Another little bump in the road…

Sooooo, maybe it wasn’t just the Slurpee and apple pie that did me in for the glucose test last week.  I got the call at the beginning of this week saying that I in fact had the betes.  How come the only complications I’m running into during the pregnancy are ones that can potentially harm the baby?!  Well, I am getting that silly carpal-tunnel thing in my right hand which is starting to blow.  I guess that’s not really affecting little Groot.  But it sucks trying to open a bag a chips when you’re hand is becoming too weak to do so!  I just want some damn chips!

Anyway, so yes, the betes.  I always assumed gestational diabetes was a lifestyle thing, like, you only got it if you were unhealthy or overweight and not taking care of yourself.  So when I first heard I might have it, I immediately imagined myself as a fat slob.  But turns out genes plays a part in there so while yes, my fruit juice addiction definitely contributed to my high blood sugar, it wasn’t the only thing.  My hormones just want to block insulin to Baby Groot for some reason.  My body needs to get it’s ish together.

So now I get to poke my finger 4 times a day (sometimes more when my stupid fingers decide they don’t want to give me enough blood) and test my blood sugars.  Once in the morning before eating anything and then 1hr after each meal.  Everytime I do it, I feel like Seymore from Little Shop of Horrors.

I’ve only recorded my sugars for 1 day so far and so far, every reading has been much much lower than the maximum number in the range the doctor gave me to look out for.  Which led me to believe that the initial tests were flukey and there was nothing actually wrong with me (my levels weren’t super high to begin with…apparently I just failed the tests with levels just over the maximum number in the range).  To which my co-worker said “It’s probably lower because you haven’t been eating sugar.”  Pfft.  What does he know.

So for now, I compensate fruit juice with Crystal Light, am still allowed fruit, and am hoping that things are normal enough that I can cheat a little during my showers next month.  But I tell you, when you’re not allowed to eat a cookie, is when you really want that cookie.

For the love of juice and fruit pies…

So far, this pregnancy has been pretty easy, compared to some horror stories I’ve heard (I think I mentioned this in the last post).  I didn’t have morning sickness, no problems sleeping, no real pain.  I’m starting to have some heartburn/indegestion issues I think and my fingers and starting to swell to little breakfast sausages, but other than that, easy-peasy.  We had that hiccup with the cervix thing, but so far so good with that.  It does suck not being able to do certain stuff, like buy a big bad of dog food because it’s too heavy.  I posted on facebook the other night asking if any kind soul wanted to go out and get me a bag of dog food.  I didn’t realize till later that most people probably thought I was just being lazy, or maybe pregnant and entitled.  I won’t fault anyone for thinking I was just being lazy though.  Anyone that knows me knows that I almost have being lazy super power.

Anyway, we went in for our 28 week appointment a few days ago.  Everything appears good I guess.  I was concerned that I was feeling the baby enough, like, I had a lazy baby or something (like my dog…I believe I mentioned this in the last post as well).  So, she hooked me up to a monitor and baby was moving pretty good.  The doctor even said our baby was “awesome.”  I’ll take it.  Along with the regular check-up this time though, came the glucose test where they screen you for gestational diabetes.  For those that don’t know, it’s possibly a two-parter.  The first part, you go in, you drink a super sugary drink (similar to those barrel jug drinks actually, maybe even a little sweeter) and they draw your blood an hour later and test for sugar in your blood.  If there’s too much sugar, you have to come back and do the same thing, but you have to fast for 12hrs or so beforehand and then sit there for 3 hours, getting your blood drawn every hour.  Well, I failed the first test.  Failed it real good too.


I started writing this post the day before I took the 3 hour test and now it is 2 days later.  (Sidenote: my level of laziness and procrastination is exceptional.  I meant to finish this post 2 days ago.)

So, the 3 hr test was basically my worst nightmare come true.  Not only had I not eaten for 10 hours, but I still couldn’t eat while the test was being conducted, AND they poke you with needles every hour!  I looked like a heroin addict by the time it was over.  The only good part of the whole ordeal was that I made it halfway through The Walking Dead Vol. 2 comics.

I asked the girl administering the test how much the food you eat the day before affects the test.  She said for the 1 hour test, it probably would affect it, but the 3 hour test is more detailed and therefore shouldn’t affect it as much.  I was really afraid all the juice I’ve been drinking (omg, it’s like I can’t get enough fruit and juice in my body!) was what was doing this to me, but turns out it’s a mix of what you eat and just how your body deals with sugars in the blood.  That made me feel a little better I guess.  But when she told me how food may affect the 1 hour test, I thought to myself “I probably shouldn’t have had that Slurpee and Entenmann’s glazed apple hand pie the day before…”

I’m assuming that since I didn’t get the results yesterday, I won’t find out if I have the betes until Monday.  I hear that if you do have GB, they put you on a meal plan (I’m assuming that means no more juice :(:(:( )and if that doesn’t work, you get the insulin shots.  Good Lord, more shots.  Until then, ignorance is bliss.  I fully enjoyed my bowl of Fruity Pebbles this morning, thank you very much.