How I’ve changed since becoming a mom….

Only 4 months into this whole mom business and I can already see a significant difference between me now and me this time last year.  There are things I knew would change, like, I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet up with friends at the bar at the drop of a hat or it would be awhile before I got more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep or no more spending money all willy nilly.  These are more changes that have taken me by surprise.

  • The biggest and most amazing change has got to be my production level and cleanliness.  This time last year I was still stepping over junk mail I hadn’t thrown away yet and finally loading the dish washer because I was running out of counter space to make dinner for the night.  But only after watching 3 episodes of Doctor Who, or some other hour long TV show on Netflix.  And that’s basically how life has been since I graduated college.  These days, the second I get home, I rinse any dishes I may have had from lunch and promptly put it in the dishwasher, then fill the sink with water so I can throw bottles in pump parts in to soak.  Then, I hang out with Jack a little (this is where my TV time comes in) eat dinner that I had made the Sunday before, wash, dry, and fill bottles, put Jack to bed, play on my phone a little, then I go to bed.  Junk mail is already in the trash and minimal messes are made.  It also helps that my house is on the market right now, so I make sure my messes are small enough that I can clean up real quick in case we have a showing.
  • I realize now that I hate moms.  I’ve mentioned this a few times in previous posts.  But seriously, Moms. Are. The. Worst.  So many Judgy McJudgersons.  “My way is best because…”  “You’re parenting wrong if…”  “If you don’t do ___, you’re kid is going to end up stupid/needy/entitled/dead.”  I mean, c’mon.
  • I realize I actually do care about politics.  This may not have much to do with having a baby, it may just be me getting older, but there are hot button topics people like to argue about these days and I actually have a side I agree or disagree with!  This is very new to me.  I used to not care much about issues or feel like most didn’t really affect me.  But for whatever reason I care now.  And unfortunately with caring comes realizing that I hate people in general and that humanity may be doomed.  And that makes me sad.
  • Writing this post I just realized I’m becoming bitter.  This must change.
  • Instead of going to get my bangs cut because they’re in my face, I’m OK with just pinning them back.  Small change, but still.
  • When packing to go to J’s for the weekend, I simply throw in a pair of jeans, a couple shirts (long and short sleeved), and my Tom’s.  Every weekend.  Sometimes I don’t use all the shirts or underwear I pack, so the next week I just replace the shirts and underwear that I did wear.  This is very different from the me picking out every outfit for every occasion that might occur (are we going to go out?  lounge around at home?  meet his friends?) and shoes to match.
  • I realize having your own, for real, bona fide baby that you get to take home and name and be responsible for is way different from loving and wanting to cuddle with your friend’s or brother’s or sister’s baby.  And it’s not a difference of overwhelming love for my own child over theirs.  It’s the difference in spending time with a baby 24/7 vs spending the evening or even a couple days with a baby.  I thought you could never ever get enough baby cuddles.  Turns out you can get enough baby cuddles.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the little guy more than I could ever explain, and I appreciate the cuddles more now that I’m back at work, but mom and baby spend A LOT of time together in those first two months, especially with dad away half the week.  So, I guess the change here is that I look at babies a little differently now.
  • (I thought of one more)  I really enjoy Starbucks now, or any specialty coffee really.  Actually, my favorite coffee is Hazelnut coffee with vanilla creamer from Wawa.  I always drank coffee before, but unless I was really tired, I never really went out of my way to get some.  And I never drank coffee everyday at work.  Now, it’s a cup every morning at work, and whenever we’re out, or I’m traveling back home from J’s, I make a point to get me a Starbucks treat.  It’s tasty.

I’m sure there’s others, but these are the ones that come to mind.  And I’m not saying any of this is good or bad.  Just different.  I’m growing up!