A major moment for this nerd mom!

So, last week was Halloween.  Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I had been dreaming about this moment.  Baby’s first Halloween is obviously not for baby.  Can baby eat candy?  No.  Will baby remember any of this??  No.  Does baby even enjoy being toted around in a head-to-toe felt costume???  Most likely not his favorite thing.  But you know what?  I make sure this baby stays alive every second we’re together.  I wake up in the middle of the night to feed him (let’s see J get up in the middle of the night to make me a sandwich after I’d been crying for several minutes.)  I change diapers and I cuddle when he wants (OK, the cuddling part is for me too.)  I do all these things and I think I should get a little something in return.  And that little something comes in the form of a Halloween costume for this nerd mom.

Even before I became pregnant, I dreamed of the perfect family costume.  It would likely be something nerdy of course, but it had to be perfect.  I was jealous of great creative baby costumes I had already seen, like this fantastic Aliens costume:

The big blockbuster hit last year was Guardians of the Galaxy.  If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it.  Like, right now.  Probably my favorite comic book movie yet.  It was fun, funny, and, ummm, Chris Pratt.  There is a character, Groot, that is basically a walking, talking tree (although all he can say is “I am Groot” which with the correct inflections, can really say a lot!).  At a point in the movie, there is a baby Groot in a flower pot.  Oh!  Surely if you’ve been reading my blog, you know all about Baby Groot because that was my unborn son’s nickname!  Anyway, baby was Baby Groot, mom was Rocket Racoon, and dad was Star-Lord.  And I like to think the costume came out pretty damn good (not quite as impressive as the Aliens costume though.)


Credit to the actual Baby Groot costume goes to my mom, and the flower pot goes to J.

So we wouldn’t look weird carrying a baby door to door that can’t even eat candy yet, we tagged along with some friends that have kids that are appropriate trick-or-treating age.  We got a lot of compliments, but we also got a lot of “Awwww, he’s so cute!  What is he??”  Ugh.  C’mon people.  One girl asked what we were and I asked if she had seen Guardians to which she proudly responded “twice!”  So, I mentioned that baby was Baby Groot and she goes “Oh!  are you Zoe Saldana’s character?”  Ummm, I’ve got furry ears, whiskers, and I’m not green.  No, I’m not Zoe Saldana’s character.  Also, in the movie, the bond is really between Rocket and Groot, so the costume worked out well.

Now, if only there was a comic con coming up that we wanted to go to, we’d fit right in!


Future Time Lord – Regeneration in Progress

So, this past weekend, my unborn baby experienced something most can only dream of.  The Doctor himself basically “presented” our future Time Lord to the world.

That’s right folks.  David Tennant, the tenth Doctor, is basically touching my bump, and it was one of the most glorious moments in m life.  (Sorry to all my friends on social media…I’ve been posting this photo everywhere and anywhere and I’m sure everyone is getting sick of it by now….but it’s friggin David Tennant!!!)

A few weeks ago I had heard the David Tennant was going to be in Raleigh, NC the weekend of March 16th attending the Wizard World Comic Con.  “OH. EM. GEE.” was all I could think.  I used to think about how one day I would maybe meet the Doctor, under some ridiculous circumstances, but knew it was unlikely.  It was a bucket list item,  But then this opportunity came up and the ridiculous circumstances was a stoopid amount of money.  But then I remember I won that gingerbread house contest back in December (first place at the Blennerhassett Hotel, what what?!) and never spent the winnings, so I justified the money it would take to meet him.  How often is the man going to come within 200mi. of Richmond??

I couldn’t believe I was going to meet David Tennant!  When I was in the hospital the other week recovering from surgery, squirming in pain, Jason would just whisper “It’s ok, you’re going to meet David Tennant soon” and magically it’s as if I didn’t even care about the pain anymore.

So, we make it to Raleigh and I’m pretty calm.  Although, I do something pretty uncharacteristic of a geek – I reapply some makeup in the car before we go in.  I couldn’t let David see me with a blotchy face.  We walk around a bit, checking out all the vendors because we have a few hours before his Q&A panel starts.  Looking back, I wish we had went to the Q&A a little sooner so we had better seats, but it was OK.  I knew I was going to meet him up close soon.

Some guy finally walks out and introduces David Tennant.  I start to get excited.  He walks out and he looks amazing.  Glorious hair.  Beautiful smile.  I almost cried.  Which is weird and I blame Baby Groot.  He has a great Q&A panel, despite some of the stupid obnoxious questions.  What is wrong with people and their dumb questions??  He’s never going to want to come back to the states!  Also, I want fans to act stupid and giddy around their idols.  I hate the people that are too cool and like “yeah, I’m huge fan and loved you in that obscure thing I saw you in that nobody knows about but I’m going to mention it because i think it makes me sound cool…”  But I digress…

After the Q&A, we head down to get our picture taken.  We wait in line and I’m totally cool.  But then the line starts moving.  And it’s moving kind of quickly.  Wait a second, how are we going to pose?  What am I going to say?  Am I allowed to touch him?  Hug him??  Caress his hair???  We get to the point where you can see him behind the tent-like structure they’re taking the pictures in.  I smile and start to giggle uncontrollably.  Again, I’m blaming the baby.  The girl in front of us asks David to take a picture of him dipping her.  What?!  Is she allowed to do that??  Next it’s our turn.  He’s so tall!  And skinny.  And his hair.  That glorious hair.  The first picture we take is with me and Jason.  I look like an over-excited idiot.


I look at the picture and he’s got his hand around my shoulder.  I don’t remember that.  But it happened.  Then for the second picture, I somehow get some words out and point to my stomach and he somehow understands that I want him to take a picture with the belly.  He seemed genuinely excited for our future Time Lord!  He got down on his knees and we took the picture above.  I was kind of in a haze for about 15 minutes afterwards.  You couldn’t smack the stupid smile off of me.

Then we walked over to the autograph portion, and I was a little more calm when we saw him there, but there were so many things going on in my head that I wanted to say, but nothing came out.  I know he’d never remember me, but you want to be able to tell that cool story about you and David Tennant talked about something awesome.  But he did ask when our due date was and if we knew the “flavor,” so that was pretty cool.  It cost a buttload of money to see him, and he really was worth it.  So nice and engaging and just plain awesome.  I was afraid that I might not like David Tennant as much as I love the 10th Doctor, but I was happily mistaken.

This was me by the end of the weekend…

I’d like to add that my baby bump picture made it as one of Wizard World’s Comic Con best of photo ops.  I also submitted the picture to the David Tennant website where they posted it on their facebook page and was shared a bunch of times from there.  So yeah, me and Baby Groot are mildly internet famous.

I’ve met celebrities before, but the is the first time I was straight ridiculous.  It was weird.  I should add how great my husband was to take me and put up with my schoolgirl crush.  He was great.  Also, I was afraid I might’ve killed Baby Groot from excitement and adrenaline from the weekend, but it kicked the next day, so we’re still good.